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Lada Samara Saloon

2108 - Publicity Picture. "A comfortable high speed light five seat sedan, the 21099 car is built for any kind of roads except deeply rutted earth roads.

The car will be perfectly servicable at ambient temperatures from -40ºC to +45ºC.

The up-to-date engine and it's ignition system, high quality lubricating ools ensure reliable starting at temperatures down to -25ºC.

For using the car at lower temperatures reliable starting will be ensured by keeping the vehicle in a warm garage.

The 21099 boasts a novel body outline and front wheel drive which, as compared with the traditional VAZ cars, reduces the car mass, adds to spaciousness of the interior, curtails noise and vibration, steps up fuel economy and promotes overall comfort for the Owner.

The advanced design of the carburettor with additional systems boosts the engine economy and cuts down the adverse effect on the environment.

The double circuit break system with diagonally divided lines, rear brake pressure regulator, automatic adjustment of clearances in the front and rear brakes and impact-absorbant bumpers meet the modern safety syandards of passenger cars."

- Samara Instruction Manual

2108 - Dimension Blueprint.
Introduced to UK Aug, 1992
Doors: 4
Gears: 5-Speed Manual (synchromesh)
Ignition: Electronic (hall type)
Engine: 1288cc
Compression Ratio: 9.9:1
Bhp @ 5600rpm 65 (S.A.E)
Torque: (lb/ft 3400rpm) 68
Valves: 8 - Overhead Cam-Shaft (beltdrive)
Acceleration 0-60mph 16 seconds
Kerbside Weight 970kg
Introduced to UK Aug, 1992
Doors: 4
Gears: 5-Speed Manual (synchromesh)
Ignition Electronic (hall type)
Engine: 1499cc
Compression Ratio: 9.9:1
Bhp @ 5400rpm 70 (S.A.E)
Torque: (lb/ft 3000rpm) 81
Valves: 8 - Overhead Cam-Shaft (beltdrive)
Acceleration 0-60mph 14 seconds
Kerbside Weight 970kg
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