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Lada 1.2 Estate (Combi)

2104 - Publicity Picture.

"A comfortable high-speed light five-seater, the 2102 is capable of moving over all types of road except the earth roads rutted by heavy cargo trucks.

The car will operate successfully at ambient temperatures from +50ºC to -40ºC. The up-todate engine lubricated bu high-quality oil ensures reliable starting at ambient temperatures down to -25ºC without pre-heating.

The seperately controlled front and rear brakes signal system of brake fluid low level in the tank, a pressure regulator in the rear brake system which prevents skidding during application of brakes - all these innovations comply with the modern safety requirements for a passenger car.

The manufacturer keeps working at further perfection of the car design so that the car units and mechanisms may differ somewhat from those described.

As distinct from the car of 2101 model, the 2102 car is provided with a reinforced rear suspension and has a station-wagon body. "

- 2102 Instruction Manual

2104 - Dimension Blueprint.
Introduced to UK May, 1974
Doors: 5
Gears: 4-Speed Manual (synchromesh)
Engine: 1198cc
Compression Ratio: 8.5:1
Bhp @ 5600rpm 62
Torque: (lb/ft 3000rpm) 64
Valves: 8 - Overhead Cam-Shaft (chaindrive)
Acceleration: 0-60mph 23 seconds
Payload: 430kg
Kerbside Weight 1010kg
Introduced to UK May, 1976
Doors: 5
Gears: 4-Speed Manual (synchromesh)
Compression Ratio: 8.5:1
Engine: 1452cc
Bhp @ 5400rpm 83 (S.A.E)
Torque: (lb/ft 3000rpm) 78
Valves: 8 - Overhead Cam-Shaft (chaindrive)
Acceleration: 0-60mph 17 seconds
Payload: 430kg
Kerbside Weight 1010kg
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